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PHP/HTML WorkSheet Manager System For IoT Services

This software was originally designed to upgrade the NovaService Bt. Obsolete paper-based computer service system but is not the exclusive user of the application. With the help of the software, we can record, manage and invoice th*--e service worksheet in the simplest possible way in electronic form.

The software is under continuous development, exclusive owner: Bálint @ Vacsi (ReMoTe) | SkyBunch Studio.


The aim of the software is to accelerate the work of computer / mobile service centers and develop them in the 21st century.

  • Recording a new worksheet based on a new / existing client. The default is the new client, but typing in the "Name" field will result in results for clients with a similar name / company name, if there is a match, you can automatically fill in the details of your existing customer.

Customer Full Name, Postcode-> Automatically Generated City, Address, Email, Phone Number (Format: +36 xx xxx-xxxx)

Improved device *, factory number, password / code, Error description *, Bag / Charger delivered, comment

It was taken over for repair, date of receipt, expected repair deadline or priority

Manage client signatures

A worksheet is generated automatically with the data sent to the client in PDF format with the service conditions, with an assisting mother. The email template can be personalized 100%, the content of the PDF varies from company to company, but there is no special option to customize the template.

  • Worksheet management

If we added a worksheet to the system, it will be placed in the Worksheets menu, where all data is opened when the data is opened, the service can see the device, a description of the error, can assign a job description or part / work fees. All changes are recorded at the bottom of the worksheet as a comment.

  • Worksheet Stages: 0-> Taken 1-> Under Repair 2-> Waiting for Component (+) 3-> Completed 4-> In External Service (+)


  • Automatically manage incoming calls to your Android mobile device

This means that at the moment the phone rings in the service, an incoming call pops up on the home page in the "Calls" table and if you receive a call from a phone number already in the database, the system connects or if you already have one. worksheet, assigns it to the client, so we can already know who is interested in the ringing of the phone, and what worksheet is in the service.

  • Possibility to send hybrid letters

Automatically generated mails are sent in PDF format to the Hybrid Leaf System, which is printed, produced and mailed in a recommended, priority or even receipt form. This has been automated for invoices / requests / notifications, is not mandatory and can be fully personalized.

  • Statistics system

Automatic statistics based on the following criteria;

  • Amount of daily income
  • Revenue by Category (GPS / Laptop / Mobile / PC)
  • Change in basket value
  • Number of docked worksheets
  • Number of worksheets received
  • Return / New Customer Ratio
  • Amount paid per customer
  • Number of incoming calls
  • Distribution of income per employee
  • Distribution of income by percentage per employee
  • Bonus scheme

All the worksheets that are completed will be determined by, among other things, who has corrected it. On request, statistics can be drawn and commission can be divided. The commission key was originally 10%, which can be changed in the settings. Accordingly, the statistics tab gives you a commission and detailed calculation of commissions from a specific worksheet.


User accounts are registered with companies that can be managed in Settings. The following features can be set up for each user:

  • user name
  • Password (Can only be changed, no replacement or readout)
  • Admin-level (Auth level)
  • Full name
  • phone number
  • Email (For identification)

There is currently no way to change email.

By logging in, you can identify users by entering username + password in pairs, and reCaptcha automatically generated in the background.

Encrypt user passwords

Head user passwords will be double-hacked. PlainText -> SHA512 Hash -> PHP password_hash (PASSWORD_DEFAULT)

For the sake of delicacy and 100% security, the hash has been confused with the hash of the user on the server side of the registration page, which is a 24-character aZ1-9 key, and then it is further abused.


Authorization levels can be set, special permissions are required for the following features now;

  • View / modify customers
  • Create a new worksheet
  • View worksheets
  • View completed worksheets
  • View locked worksheets
  • Webmail Access
  • View statistics
  • View Accounting
  • View settings
  • Guarantee of expired warranty device
  • Display billing information on worksheets
  • Closing worksheet without billing
  • Edit Worksheet Manager (Fixing a Part / Fee on behalf of another)
  • Deleting a work / part associated with a worksheet
  • View / edit automated mail

HTML Email Templates

Multiple email templates are also supported, two of which have been introduced into the "master" branch:

  • Worksheet Notification Received
  • Completed worksheet notification

Variables that can be used in templates:

  • {{Workbook}} -> Number of worksheet
  • {{Nev}} -> Full Customer Name
  • {{Javitottgep}} -> Improved device name
  • {{atvette}} -> The full name of the user who recorded the worksheet.
  • {hardcover} -> Unique tracking code for the worksheet.
  • {Hatarido} -> Expected Deadline for Repair Worksheet
  • {{php_currdate}} -> Exact time when sending email (Format: Ymd H: i: s)
  • {{pay}} -> Amount of parts and fees fixed for worksheet.
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