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Php Ajax Jquery Image Uploader

Php Ajax Jquery Image Uploader is a simple script for uploading an image to a folder.
It is easy to customize.

It works across several browsers.i.e cross browser.

It uses a simple html form with client side validation.

Then the form data is sent to the server via ajax with preloader that informs the user to wait for the server's response.

It is well documented with easy to understand set of instructions of instructions folder.

The server side uses php script that validates and stores the data it receives.

The images uploaded are saved in the uploads folder of your server.


  1. Client side validation
  2. Server side validation
  3. Easy to customize and add to any html page.
  4. No page reloading when submitting data,this saves bandwidth.
  5. Well documented in Readme file
  6. Uses Ajax with preloader to upload image in server side
  7. Simple,faster and secure way to upload images.
  8. Works on all browsers
  9. Cross browser
Appreciated on January 8th, 2016
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