Organic Food Flyer

File information

This is Organic Food Flyer Design. These files open adobe CS6 minimum, any updated program version opening.


*    Easy to edit.
*    Optimized for printing/ 300 DPI
*    CMYK Color mood.
*    8.27x11.69 inch dimension.
*    0.25 in bleed.
*    Help file included.
*    1 PSD file.
*    1 color variation.
*    Adobe Photoshop CS6 version.(minimum)
*    Image not included.
*    Free font use

Fonts used, and available link (100% Free):

*    Monserrat 
*    Download-

*    Vegan Style ...
*    Download:

If you need any help using the file or need special customizing please free to connect via codegrape profile.

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