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Online Examination Management System

OEMS stands for Online Examination Management System which is developed in Laravel 8 Framework and MySQL. OEMS is a web-based application to conduct exams online. It consists of two dashboards, an admin dashboard to manage the exam, questions, and results, and a frontend dashboard to allow a student to take an exam.

Question Palette

Students can browse questions via the questions navigation panel. This allows the user to skip the current question and view answered or unanswered questions.

Exam Timer

Exam timer is synchronized with the server, this prevents the timer from reset when a student accidentally refreshes or close up the browser. Students can see the time remaining to complete the exam.

Randomize Question

Each student will be given a different set of exam questions if the random question is being turned on. This can be easily configured by the admin.

Multiple Question Types

OEMS supported three kinds of question types such as True & False, Single Choice, and Multiple Choice.

Automated Marking System

The system automatically marked the questions after the exam is submitted so that your student can get an instant and accurate score.

Quiz Statistic

Each quiz has a statistic page to show the total pass, total fail, highest and lowest marks. It also shows the latest taken exam results.

Exam Access Code

Each exam has a unique access code. Students are required to enter the access code to start an exam. This allows only eligible students to access the exam.

Import/Export Question

Create bulk questions easily by importing the questions in CSV or excel file.



Admin Dashboard:


How to install/setup?

  1. ​Create a DB in MySQL named oems_beta.
  2. Update db credential in .env file
  3. Run the command below to setup.

a. composer install

b. php artisan key:generate

c. php artisan migrate

d. php artisan serve

  1. Run the SQL script below to create an admin account.

INSERT INTO `users` (`id`, `name`, `role`, `email`, `email_verified_at`, `password`, `remember_token`, `created_at`, `updated_at`) VALUES (1, 'admin', 'ADMIN', '', NULL, '$2y$10$v9nUkPE8S7RQKvtVnqBHZeQ8J0DEGXqLbAbj0pvFQ2uCclKaBxXeq', NULL, '2020-10-31 06:46:09', '2020-10-31 06:46:09');

  1. Open URL http://localhost/dashboard in browser to access the admin dashboard


Password: 123456Ww

      6. Open URL http://localhost/register in browser to access the exam.

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