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OneTime - One Time Download URL Generator

OneTime php script allows you to generate a unique link to download a file. This file will only be allowed to download one time. This link will also have also have an expiration date set on it. For instance, if you wanted to sell a files or some products for your band. You could use this script to allow that person to download your file only one time. It would only give them a limited number of hours, days, years to claim their download. You can also copy or send url to email via easy ways. Any person can only one time download this file or use this link.


  • Generate any file download link
  • Automatic expiration
  • Send download link to email.
  • No database needed
  • Support cross browser
  • Full Responsive
  • PHP and HTML based
  • Font Awesome

What's New In v2.1.0?

  1. Updated .htaccess file, Now you can secure your download file via secure .htaccess function 
  2. Changed generate.php (URL ONLY) and download.php(URL ONLY)
  3. Updated lib/ file (Some issuse fixed)
  4. Function Improvements
  5. Fixed and some improvements PHPMailer
  6. And mor other....

The Example Of Sent Download Link To EmailM; This is test, We have sand you one time generated link. This link: ,

What's New In v2.0.1?

  1. Changed Theme/Style
  2. Updated Securit
  3. Fixed Bugs
  4. Function Improvements
  5. Updated Generation
  6. And mor other....

How To Update?

  1. lib to lib
  2. index.php/ to index.php/
  3. generate.php/ to generate.php/
  4. config.php/ to config.php/
  5. download.php/ to download.php/


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