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NextJob - Next Generation Job Portal - Laravel Vue

Welcome and thanks for having a look in our job portal solution . We hope NextJob is the Jobportal that you have been looking for. It made finding jobs and hiring process much easier .

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We will break down the features in three section. One describing the Global features , means this are true for all section and modules in our app . Second for Employer and Jobseeker related features and Admin section.

Global features

  1. Multi language, country,currency based
  2. Clean and modern responsive design .
  3. Backend code is written in clean and optimized way, which make customization easier and performance better.
  4. With the help of leaflet map we build much sophisticated map and location search system .
  5. In Frontend (Vue js) we created many small reusable component in order to reduce code duplication, make it reusable and easily customizable.
  6. Chat system, instant notification .
  7. Complete Dark and light theme support .
  8. 20 + prebuild theme to choose from
  9. Powerful and easy to use Search and filtering system.
  10. Completely SEO Friendly
  11. Chart to visualize data.
  12. Customize mail and notification that is being sent by application.
  13. Powerful CMS to customize you pages

Employer and Jobseeker

  1. One employer account is not bound to one company . Employer can manage multiple companies and jobs for each company separately . Number of company an employer can manage is set by the pricing plan he is using .

  2. Multi step easy to use job builder to make your job posting experience easier.

  3. Charts to show how each job gets visits and application during time intervals . How many views each day his companies are getting.

  4. Beautiful Kanban board and list view for each job to get all applications and there details in employers fingertips.

  5. Application can go through many workflows like , Application received -> Screening -> Interview Schedule -> Offer send -> Hired etc. A default workflow is created for each job which employer can customize letter.Filtering are added to help employer find right candidate .

  6. In order to help employer to assess employer to help keep track of candidate , Employer can create many questions that he wants to ask each candidate during interview. He can also add checklist that he want to keep track of.

  7. Publishing jobs are made super easy just by clicking once . For example after filling job data you can immediately select what you want to do . You can draft job , publish job, publish job as featured or publish job as highlighted in one click.

  8. Chat system to communicate with candidate.

  9. Manage Company Basic information ,profile,contact,social media links,benefits,ceo ang image gallery for each company

  10. Purchase plan that suits his usage with multiple payment options and update if needed.

  11. Bookmarks candidates.

  12. Manage account information

  13. Job seeker can login register in our system using email password or social media login.
  14. Chart for them to know how many people are visiting there profile over time
  15. Powerful resume builder . One jobseeker can manage multiple resume and during job apply they can choose which resume to use for particular job application. They can choose default resume which is visible to public or employer .
  16. They can show all jobs they applied and get this application status for applied jobs. Save there favorite jobs and follow companies that are interested to them to get updates from those companies
  17. Can chat with employer for there applied jobs .
  18. Manage there profile, contact , social media links , account etc.

Admin Panel

We have a powerful admin panel to manage ins and outs ot this application . Below are some of the core features you will get in admin panel .

  1. Customize each and every notification and email that are sent from our application .
  2. Charts for earning history and Employer, Job seeker registration chart to get an overall idea .
  3. Manage currency, translations, location etc.
  4. CMS to manage pages content and SEO related data.
  5. Theme,application,payment methods,mail,broadcast,recaptcha,social media settings and many more.
  6. Manage blog,subscription,contact etc.
  7. Manage job,companies,pricing plans, job and company attributes,
  8. Impersonate as employer or jobseeker account and many more.
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