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Neon Space Fighter - Unity Project

You can test it here (WebGL)

Or you can download test apk and test it on your android device.

Project includes:
- neon glow graphic sprites
- player spaceship
- 4 enemy spaceships with scripts. Two of them can fire bullets
- asteroid that randomly moves through level
- sci-fi sound effects (bullet hit, enemy explode, pew, button click, star pop)
- UI bundle (buttons, menu screens, hud, font)
- simple 2d physics

Game is simple and endless. As it progress it becomes harder and harder (enemies becomes more powerful). Enemy force can spawn anywhere inside the battle arena. Some of them can shoot the bullets, some will try to crush into your spaceship like kamikaze. Your goal is to shoot as much enemies as you can (and score as much as you can). When you shoot down the enemy spaceship don't forget to collect yellow stars. You can use stars to upgrade your spaceship speed, health, bullet damage, and bullet shooting speed. This is complete project template.

Easy to reskin. Perfect for creating 2D space shooter games.

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