Movelize Elegant Landing Page

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An elegant multipurpose landing page template. Present your company, showcase your portfolio, promote your services, … or even use it for your personal website?


  • Responsive (Bootstrap 3)
  • Easily to customize and extensively documented
  • Unminified CSS and Javascript files for documentation and minified files for production use
  • Icon font instead of background images are used for CSS
  • Sticky header and an eye-catching full width banner image with CSS3 animated sections
  • Filterable portfolio
  • Modal popups for even more information - click “Learn more” or a portfolio item on the demo page to see how it works
  • Responsive carousel (used for Case studies and Testimonials but it can easily be implemented for other purposes)
  • Working AJAX powered contact form with validation

Credits Excerpt (the full list is available in the documentation):

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