Business Cards

Modern Business Card

Thank you for downloading: Modern business card template.

Included are:

  • >2 PSD Files
  • >1 Information File
  • >1 How to modify file

Fonts used:

How to modify the file:


  • Step-1: Download the font from the link above and install it in your computer.
  • Step-2: Open the files.
  • Step-3: Chagne the required informations

                        A) Double click on the text layer thumbnails from "Text" layer group and replace your information.
                        B) Double click to the "Company Logo" layer and chagne your Logo.
                        C) Here I used Map image, if you want it doesn't need or need replace then you will do. I have make there smart object what will help you.

  • Step-4: Save your file and print it.        

Good luck using the file in your projects! I have all "PSD" file those aren't included here, if you like this others please knock me...

Appreciate This
Thank You!
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