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Medical Assistance Chatbot

Medical Assistance Chatbot:

Introducing our new medical assistance chatbot, created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This smart chatbot is designed to answer medical questions such as the symptoms of COVID-19, diabetes, and many more. With its Glassmorphism effect style, our chatbot not only provides accurate information but also offers a visually appealing user experience. It is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. Our chatbot comes with well-documented instructions and functions efficiently without the need for Bootstrap.

Please note:

Please note that the chatbot is pre-loaded with a set of medical questions, and any additional questions can be manually added or integrated using API keys. I uploaded some medical question manually and chatbot will only answer those question. if you will ask other questions beside these question the bot will rely(I'm sorry, I couldn't find information related to your query.)

these question are below that the bot will answer:
1.hello / hi
2.what are the symptoms of COVID-19 / symptoms to prevent covid-19 / prevention
4.can you tell me about diabetes / what is diabetes
5.what is ibuprofen
6. what are the side effects of ibuprofen
7.what should i do if i burn myself
8.what are the risk factors for heart disease
and there are also more questions present inside the codes. But If someone is willing to purchase this medical chatbot then he/she need to put their desire question inside the chatbot or the can also use API keys according to their needs. The medical assistance chat work well.


How to use this chatbot and other details are mentained inside the document but the key points are already covered in (please not) section.


  • It is easy to customize according to your preferences.
  • Our chatbot comes with well-documented instructions and functions quickly.
  • Glassmorphism effect style
  • Smart Chatbot
  • Fast Functional

If anybody want to test the chatbot in live preview feel free and copy the questions or type the questions inside the chatbox in lowercase which are mentioned above and paste it inside the chat container and then press the button to see the work
THANK YOU Experience the chatbot's capabilities by testing it in the live preview using the provided questions. Thank you for considering our medical assistance chatbot.

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Thank You!
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