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Login-Reg Users Management

Secure PHP PDO Login and users management.

This PHP script of login system and register users with role permission as user or admin is formed to be easily implemented into any new or current existing website to allow users or admins access to the area according permission, be able to restrict the  pages from anonymous visitors, or display custom content based on the user. this system include a  systems of  user registration, user management, but not for  content management, this only establishes a connection/session to your website with login,

This script is easy to install in your current website, you just have to upload it, run the installation and you can secure your pages with just 2 lines of code.

Demo version

You can go to the demo version to see the control panel and what settings there are.
You can login with:

Username: admin
Password: admin


Username: demo
Password: 123456

You can go to  documentation folder to see what this script is capable of and how setup it


  • MySQL database (5.x)
  • PHP (5.4)


  • secure PHP PDO, OOP script
  • secure hash with password_hash, PASSWORD_DEFAULT
  • MySQL database-driven, to hold user information
  • Secure from common SQL Injection, and XSS attacks
  • manage users
  • add new users
  • edit password
  • users can upload pictures
  • javascript form validation


After upload the files to the server do this

  1. You will find a file named conn.php
  2. Change the server, user, pass and database name as the server you have

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