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Kids Memory Match - Unity3d Source Code Template

Memory Card Match is a simple yet fun card match memory game. Find the card pairs / matches before the timer runs out. Improve your memory with Memory Card Match Game with lots of fun. With 7 gameplay modes, you can take your time and match all of the images, or if you're feeling like a challenge go against the timer and try to match the cards before time runs out!


  • Unity3D 2020.3.7f1 or Higher 
  • Supported for both iOS & Android platforms.
  • CHALLENGE MODE: Race against the clock in order to find all of the matches!
  • CARD THEMES: Animals, Sports, Aplhabets, shapes, Fruits, and more!
  • Source code is properly commented and simple to understand.
  • Easy to reskin.
  • Nice graphics assets with attractive sound assets.
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