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K-Loans - Powerful Loan Servicing Script

K-LOANS is a powerful Loan Servicing script perfect for mortgage companies, commercial lenders, credit unions, municipalities, private and institution lenders, student loan lenders, real estate loan lenders, and so much more.

K-LOANS is an online loan management system designed for lenders to organize and catalog every loan made to a borrower, as well as collect the borrower’s data and information in a systematic manner.

This online loan management system makes the process of lending loans simple and easy by laying out all the details and information regarding the loan, including the months and years ahead of the load and the interests added every month.

For Live Demo
Without Plugins Installed
username: admin
password: admin123

With Plugins Installed
username: admin
password: admin123

Get K-Loans 2.3.10 Now.


1. Single click installation
2. AJAX based
3. Support bootstrap 3.x
4. Friendly User Interface
5. Manage Borrowers Personal/Financial information

  • Add/Remove or search borrower fast
  • can upload Borrower’s photo
  • Can import/upload Borrower(s) from CSV/Excel

6. Manage different kinds of Loans

  • can set terms, interest rate, schedule of payments etc.

7. Loan servicing

  • Add new loan application
  • Search loans fast
  • Automatically determines matured and overdue Debts
  • Print Payment Schedule in PDF format
  • Print Disclosure in PDF format
  • Support Multiple loans for one borrower

8. Manage and Receive Payments

  • Simple and easy to add new payments
  • Can check borrower’s debt balance instantly

9. Manage Employees access level and information

  • Add/remove employee
  • can upload employee photo

10. Easy Company Setup
11. Multi currency support
12. Email Templating
13. Email Messaging support
14. Support different timezone


For inquiries please send us an email :


V2.3.2 – 02 APR 2020

  • Upgrade: Mobile responsive support
  • BUG Fixed: Calculator – wrong calculations
  • BUG Fixed: Issue with upload attachments

V1.4.9 – 20 MAY 2018

  • Added: Plugin Engine – enable users to install plugin

V1.4.8 – 19 MAR 2018

  • Upgrade: Upgraded to CodeIgniter 3.1.7
  • BUG Fixed: Customer attachments not working

V1.4.7 – 28 FEB 2018

  • Added: UI Improved Login Screen
  • Added: Mortgage Loan Calculator
  • Added: Recording for Last & Next Payment date
  • BUG Fixed: Close button not working
  • BUG Fixed: Payment not working (Regression Bug)

V1.4.6 – 06 FEB 2018

  • BUG Fixed: unable to upload profile pic for employees/customers
  • BUG Fixed: unable to upload loan attachments
  • BUG Fixed: unable to select from attachment
  • BUG Fixed: placeholder for non-existing photo
  • BUG Fixed installer:: redirect to welcome page not working
  • BUG Fixed My wallet:: Staff dropdown not displaying

CHANGELOG V1.4.5 – 25 SEP 2017

  • Bug Fixed: Spanish language translation on some reports
  • Bug Fixed: Approve button is not working

CHANGELOG V1.4.5 – 06 NOV 2016

  • Bug Fixed: Logout is not working
  • Bug Fixed: User roles assignment

V1.4.5 – 16 OCT 2016

  • Bug Fixed: Messages: Fixed compose/inbox/outbox messages.
  • Bug Fixed: Email: Fixed email sending.
  • Added: Email: Template Support.

V1.4.1 – 29 SEPT 2015

  • Bug Fixed: Borrower: Import Excel – Duplicates.
  • Bug Fixed: Borrower: Import Dialog not working.

V1.4.0 – 22 SEPT 2015

  • Bug Fixed: Fixed various bugs.
  • Added: Payment Schedule.
  • Added: Collateral tab in Loan Module.

V1.3.10 – 14 JUL 2015

  • Bug Fixed: Paid status is displayed as False.

V1.3.9 – 8 JUL 2015

  • Enhancement: Improved Multi-language support.

V1.3.8 – 14 JUN 2015

  • Added: Plugin Manager – for easy and extensible plugin management.

V1.3.7 – 29 MAY 2015

  • Bug Fixed: Fixed the Spanish and French language.
  • Removed: Unsupported language.

V1.3.6 – 28 MAY 2015

  • Bug Fixed: Employees should only see the loans they created, only the admin can see all.

V1.3.5 – 26 MAY 2015

  • Bug fixed: auto complete filtering is not working
  • Bug fixed: loan balance is not working based on interest rate
  • Removed: Payment breakdown in disclosure statement (Future release: will be separated to an excel file)
  • Enhanced: Loan creation now allows updating loan Agent
  • Added: Loan types now has daily schedule of payments
  • Added: Disclosure statement will now show amount to be paid based on its schedule of payment

V1.3.4 – 24 MAY 2015

  • Added: Enable upload of company Logo
  • Bug Fixed: Pagination not working

V1.3.3 – 22 MAY 2015

  • Bug Fixed: Loan wont add due to attachment
  • Enhanced: Added background color to table headers

V1.3.2 – 20 MAY 2015

  • Added: Enable upload of any Loan attachments (e.g. collateral, legal docs, etc.)
  • Added: Payment printing option
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