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Invotim - Project Management System

About Invotim

Invotim is a web-based project and client management system implemented using CodeIgniter framework. It uses JQuery and MYSQL database. The system will give you the opportunity to calculate the time spent on a particular project and create custom invoices and send them to your clients directly, it will also help you in managing and tracking your income by the detailed reports it produces.


Dashboard - The dashboard mainly contains the links to the different functions that the system user will be performing, Also the dashboard shows an overview of the general system statistics like total hours worked, completed projects, invoices created etc.

Project Timer - The project timer helps in recording the number of hours spent on a project

Clients - The clients menu allows one to create, edit and delete system clients

Billing - Helps the user to view all the invoices and also create new ones.

Projects - Allows one to easily, add, edit and delete system projects.

Support - Section helps the administrator to open/reply to clients support tickets

Client Section - Your clients can view their invoices and projects and make payment via paypal.

Email Notifications - Get notified via email on new tickets, invoices created and payment made

Live Notifications - Get notified instantly on new tickets, ticket replys ticket assignments, invoices created and payment made

System Installer - Easy step by step installation, no programming skills needed.

Paypal Integration - Clients can make payments via paypal

Reports - Generate reports on income, projects completed and client list and export to pdf.

Responsiveness - It is fully responsive and compatible with mobile devices.

Email Templates - Ability to define email templates.

And many more


  • PHP 5.x
  • MYSQL 5.x
  • PHP MYSQL Extension
  • URL Rewrite extention


There is an installation file included in the zip file.

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