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InventoryCount - Complete Inventory Count Management System

InventoryCount is a first self-hosted Inventory Count Management System that is a great fit for almost any company, merchant, store, supermarket, hypermarket or many other uses. With its clean and modern design, InventoryCount will allow you to have an easy and reliable counting of your products.

Managing count of yours products is important and IventoryCount helps in several ways:

  • Facilitate the counting of your products with a mobile interface with integrated barcode reader for your counters.
  • Ensure the reliability of the counting of your products with a double counting validation system provided by a validator.
  • Allowing you to divide your large inventories into several sub-inventories for better visibility.
  • Allowing you to have a detailed report of each of your inventories.
  • Allowing you to know for each product who made its account and who validated it.
  • Allowing you to create as many users as you want and grant them permissions at your convenience through its powerful user management system.

InventoryCount does not replace your inventory management system but complements it by giving you a simple interface to manage the counting of your products. And especially thanks to the CSV inventory import available within the application, you can import your inventory data into your usual inventory management application.

Moreover InventoryCount is easy to install and to use with an A to Z documentation integrated in your backoffice to allow you to make the most of all its features.

InventoryCount is one of the first applications on the market that focuses only on easy counting of products and it is designed to fulfill this role very well.

We strongly recommend you to purchase InventoryCount for easy and reliable counting of your products.

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