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inOneSec. Incredible Facts & Statistics in One Second - LITE

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inOneSec. Most Incredible, Amazing Facts & Statistics in 1 Second

inOneSec. is a web-based social facts script that runs on your own host, help you create a mini site for showing all all incredible, suprising facts & statistics happening in 1 second.



inOneSec. allows you & all members to create UNLIMITED social facts & statistics, gives you ability to sort the facts by drag-n-drop. Just a few minutes to create a full completed social site.



inOneSec. allows you to add UNLIMITED ads on many positions to earn from advertising on social facts website.

This item requires JavaScript to work, see how to activate JavaScript if your browsers disabled or just check social stats / watch live crypto portfolio / compose ePub online to see now.

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In this package

  • Platform & source code of inOneSec.Com – Incredible Facts In One Second
  • Installation with 7 groups & 84 social facts
  • Maximum: 50 groups & 500 facts
  • Support Addthis service
  • Basic System Settings
  • Built-in Media Browser
  • Drag-n-drop feature to sort groups & stats

All Hot Features

  • Integrated Addthis to track your social sharings
  • Drag-n-drop, user friendly features & solution
  • Responsive mobile friendly layout
  • Platform is compatiable with all browsers
  • Easy-to-use Built-in Media Browser
  • Support multiple languages
  • Basic System Settings, to customize your website
  • Site Management for all clients
  • 3 Icon Sets for easy customizations
  • (PRO) 15 social groups & 473 incredible facts
  • (PRO) Ads System to earn more with website
  • (PRO) Ad-Blocker Detector
  • (PRO) Facebook Comment plugin to allows commenting by Facebook accounts
  • (PRO) Built-in Activities Tracker & System Logs
  • (PRO) Member submission: all users may submit facts and groups
  • (PRO) Thumbnail Web Screenshot Capturer
  • (PRO) User Registration & Management
  • (PRO) System Settings Panel
  • (PRO) Private User Settings Personally
  • (PRO) Thumbnail Web Screenshot Capturer

End-User License Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully before installing or using this product.

If you agree to all of the terms of this End-User License Agreement, by checking the box or clicking the button to confirm your acceptance when you first install the web application, you are agreeing to all the terms of this agreement. Also, By downloading, installing, using, or copying this web application, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this End-User License Agreement, you are agreeing to all the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to all of these terms, do not check the box or click the button and/or do not use, copy or install the web application, and uninstall the web application from all your server that you own or control.

We will not provide any refund for below problems or reasons:

  • Software (source code) downloaded
  • Purchased software by some mistake or accident
  • Purchased software from some unauthorized retailer
  • Purchased software without trying full demo
  • Did not read carefully software details before purchase
  • Server or hosting failed to run software
  • No technican to run, maintain or install software
  • No tech skills to fix runtime errors


All updates & changelog listed <a data-rel="prettyPhoto" href="" title="inOneSec.Com – Incredible Facts In One Second: Changelog">here</a>

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