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Image Upload With Watermark

Image Upload with Watermark is a plug-in, which is easy to use, a high-performance Image Upload plug-in with Watermark, which allows you to upload image to web server with adding desired text & image watermark.

Most of the web applications available today include a capability of user to upload images, whether it is a social media application or a CMS/Blog network platform. Upload capability of your application can be made easier and usable to the user if you are using our Image Upload with Watermark plug-ins.

Image Upload with Watermark system was build out of the need to have a secure reliable backend for Codeigniter systems. As such, it is designed to be easy to learn, use and fast in the execution of its function.

This control allows you to select and upload images with text and image watermark. The client-side look and feel may be easy to customize according to your needs.

The system is built using a modular method which ensures separation of functions making the modules and the system as a whole highly scalable and easy to maintain and troubleshoot.

Product Features:

  • Easy installation
  • No need to write codes
  • Built on the robust codeigniter HMVC framework.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Uploading with text watermark.
  • Uploading with image watermark.
  • Uploading with no watermark.
  • Uploaded image preview in with modal. 
  • Uploaded images can be deleted.
  • Watermark image can be changes.
  • Asynchronous file upload
  • Easy to use, easy for customization
  • Displaying image after uploading
  • An exhaustive documentation for both technical and non technical users.
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