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HiFi POS - Point Of Sale

HiFi POS is a simple, light weight and very powerful Point Of Sale application. You can use this application both online and offline via wamp , xampp or lamp server.

There are lots of cool features include in this application. Here are those:

  • Builtin installation page which will guide you through installation process.
  • Simple and clean user interface for easy navigation.
  • Login feature with 3 user level authorization.
  • Barcode reading.
  • Generate invoice anytime.
  • Add single product or multiple product via excel(.xls) file.
  • Download all products and their relevant up-to-date detail in excel(.xls) file.
  • Check current stock level.
  • Change user profile like password, address, phone etc.
  • Check which user is using this system or not logged out properly.
  • Change application setting like default date format, discount, tax etc.
  • Supports database backup.

Login Credentials


Username: admin
Password: admin123


Username: user
Password: user123


Username: editor
Password: editor123
Appreciated on April 19th, 2015
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