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GoodCom Printer Plugin For Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System

GoodCom Printer plugin is for portable WCDMA/GPRS & SMS & USSD & STK & Wi-Fi Printer that can receive order form Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System which can be used by restaurant owner to automatically print receipt once there is new order.

This printer is not like all other printer for takeaway systems, it works much better and can be configured in so many ways.

This GoodCom Printer plugin will work only if you have Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System and you need to have the 3G POS Printer Mobile Pos Device - GT6000GW

Note: This printer plugin only works with specific printer name 3G POS Printer Mobile Pos Device with Printer- GT6000GW. you can find more information about the printer

using another printer will not work and I am not affiliated with the printer company.

GoodCom Printer plugin is connected with Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System using printer API to print receipt automatically, just simply install the plugin and properly configure settings on the printer and your all done. it comes with quite easy video guide on how to install the plugin and how-to setup the printer settings.

Video live demo

GoodCom Printer plugin in action

How printer work on Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System


Printing Receipt made easy

  • Auto print when there is new order
  • Can manually print order from printer
  • Accept or reject an order on the printer
  • Printer Works with WIFI & 3G
  • The printer supports Multilanguage: English, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Azerbaidzhan,etc.

Payment Gateways that will print on printer

  • Stripe
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Pay in Person
  • Pay on Delivery
  • Note: The printer will still print and work with all other payment Gateways, but payment Gateways will just not be displayed on the receipt.

Works for

  • Delivery
  • Pickup
  • Dine in

Installation Service

cPanel/Hosting credentials, Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System admin login. Merchent Name, Terminal ID

Installation and configuration time is between 3 and 5 days after receiving all information above.

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