Flex Ticker

The name says everything

We give you all the options you need to make the ticker look however you want

  • Fully responsive Ticker
  • 2 Effects
  • 14 Predefined Design
  • Right to left languages support
  • Customize Design
  • Framework agnostic - Javascript pure code
  • Cross Browser compatibility
  • Ease of use - Make the ticker Up and work in less than 1 minute

Flex ticker is a ticker that suit any website need a ticker like news website or money exchange website or you can display facebook feed or twitter feed on it... etc

Flex ticker is so easy to be implemented in less than 1 minute it will be up and work

Flex ticker have customize design which mean if you don't like already defined colors you can define your own colors for every part in the ticker and like that you can make the ticker suitable with any design you want

Flex ticker have many tools to support responsive design with new ideas never used before to support mobile screens

Flex ticker written used vanilla Javascript which mean it need no 3rd party library or any dependency

in flex ticker you can control everything like font ticker height title and controls and you have everything you want to make the ticker look exactly like however you want
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