Flat audio player is a audio player having all the functionalities of the usual audio player plus a great look and a great feel.

Here are some main points.

Easy To Use
This player is very easy to use and works with functions and events so it can be easily integrated in your website with less effort.

Smooth Playing
Audio player playing quality is awesome and plays with no lags. The player itself is very stable.

Player also consist of a playlist attached to it which is fully ready to show the information of the audio such downloads, listens, likes, etc.

On Page Add to Playlist
player has great functionality of adding a file to playlist on run time via a link and function.

Sound Cloud
The soundCloud integration is also easiest part , you just have to know the file url you want to play with the player, player uses api to get information of that file and play that file.

Easy Functions
player is working upon onclick functions that means every developer can edit and modify player as its own way.

In future player will also gonna have skins according to the events.
At the moment player includes only two skins.

Player is fully responsive and have separate versions for both desktop and mobile browsers. So you don't have to worry about it , sit back and watch it working. (Note : refresh page in mobile mode so the player may adjust itself)

Player also have a file named as settings which includes every basic setting like show labels in playlist, allow download etc.

Player Will have monthly updates that are gonna be very interesting and also more skins will be added later to the player.

Player is fully stable and is built with latest bootstrap and jquery so there will be no any  cross browser compatibility issue with the player, it will work on all the modern and major browsers.

If you need help installing the player on your website you can always ask me to help you, I will reply to any query within 24 hours.

Usual Functions

  • play
  • pause
  • Stop
  • Next
  • Prev
  • repeat
    • single
    • all
    • none
  • suffle
  • share
  • Toggle Playlist
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