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FilmProject Script | Collection Film

This Script was developed in php & Mysql and has the purpose of managing and cataloging movies in any format (DVD, AVI, BLUE-RAY, VHS, CD ...)

It can be consulted online at any time and on any computer / telephone device via password authentication.

It allows you to organize films by genre, year, duration and language, automatically assigning a unique code to each film. It also allows you to have two different accounts,
the first as an administrator, through which it is possible to edit the files and the second as a user, to view the catalog.


  • Search function (title, year, etc.) directly in the film list or via advanced search
  • Cataloging by: code, name, year, duration and language.
  • Export in word, excel, pdf and also in CSV format and possibility to print the list of films in the catalog.
  • Possibility for external users to view your collection without modifying it (Multi-user Administrator and guest).
  • Inserting the film cover for a faster search.
  • Ability to add both Administrator and Standard User users.
  • Ability to add unlimited typology support.
  • Ability to add unlimited support.
  • Ease of installation and immediate usability (No PHP knowledge required).


Username: demo
Password: demo


Username: admin
Password: admin

Appreciated on October 28th, 2020
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