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File Manager File Explorer - USB OPT File Manager - Solid Explorer File Manager

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Manage all files from any USB mass storage device with a FAT32 or NTFS file system using the USB OTG port of your device, tablet or phone via File Manager & File Explorer.

The best File Manager is a powerful file explorer for Android that you can handle all your files and folders, which stored in your internal storage and external storage. File Manager Commander supports browse, analyze, transfer, search, copy, paste, move and delete files operations. Now explore your files efficiently and intuitive with File Manager Browser. Put full-function into your pocket!

Our file manager offers users more powerful features. You can handle all your files and folders, which stored in your internal storage and external storage.

App manager for Android, you can easily manage your files and folders on device, manage local and remote/cloud storage. This is the solid explorer files app, its so cool file manager android app that provides usage manager, storage manager and a lot of releven features.

All files are no longer hidden in the mobile system. File manager will help you find file, categorize file easily. It also supports tons of cool features: global search, moving, deleting, opening, and sharing files, as well as renaming, unzipping, and copy-paste.

Solve the problem that you can't find your favorite music, videos or pictures quickly. All media will be automatically classified, you can click on the entry of the home page to find them by category.

We support fast setting your favorite music as ringtones and quickly set your favorite pictures to your phone’s wallpaper. No need to operate cumbersomely, your phone will be different from others and will become unique in the world.

File manager is the best file explorer, file tool for android device manager with powerful features: Copy, cut, paste, rename, compress, transfer, download …

    File Manager
    Drive / Dropbox Upload
    Network Share
    Cut, copy and paste progress dialog.
    Compress and decompress support
    Thumbnail for photo and pictures files
    You can manage all music and sound related files like mp3,ogg,mp4,wma etc
    You can manage all document files in your device like pdf, ppt, dos etc
    Root Explorer for rooted devices
    Support file shortcut on Favorites for easily access
    Sort by name, size or last modified
    Send and share files
    Open any file
    Play media files with your favorite apps
    Support many languages: English, French, Spanish, etc.
    Admob With Banner And Interstitial Ads Integrated
    Android Studio Code With Latest Version
    Latest UI With Material Design
    All Device Combability



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