Fighting Game Template | Construct 2/3

Complete game template developed in Construct 2.


If you always dreamed to create a fighting game, this template is for you.
With it, you will be able to create a complete fighting game with its main mechanics (descripted in the template features section).
Don't lose the chace to purchase this high quality template.


  • Construct 2 .CAPX file (commented and well organized);
  • Construct 3 .C3P file (commented and well organized);
  • Folder with all the images used in the template.

Template Features:

  • Splash screen with all the main controls for the game;
  • Opening scene at the beginning of the game (and it plays again after some time on the main menu without pressing any button);
  • Complete main menu, with arcade, versus, options and credits options;
  • Complete fighting game style options menu (time limit, number of rounds and music select);
  • Two language options (English and Portuguese), at the start of the game and on the options menu;
  • Key config system on the menu, for keyboard an gamepad;
  • Character select system with 5 different fighters (one secret);
  • Stage select after selecting the fighters on Versus mode;
  • Intro for each character after being selected on Arcade mode;
  • Versus and Win/Lose screen, showing random victory texts after winning;
  • Ending screen for each character;
  • Complete fight layout, with HP and time limit. And you can win, lose, tie or get time over messages after a fight;
  • Arcade mode advances to the next character after you win a fight, without repeating them or choosing the same character as you;
  • Simple AI for the opponent in Arcade mode;
  • Breakable corner objects for some backgrounds;
  • Complete attack and block system for the fighters, with 2 attacks (punch and kick), including low kick that makes the opponent falls, aerial attacks, and special attacks after entering a combination of keys/buttons;
  • A secret code can be entered on main menu to unlock a new fighter;
  • Touch version with buttons for left and right handed players;
  • Car bonus stage;
  • Includes a text file explaining how to add new fighters;
  • No 3rd party addons;
  • Resolution 320x240 (PC) and 426x240 (Mobile).

This template are focused on the programming aspects of a fighting game. For this reason it uses simple images and sounds, and no musics, but you can replace the images and add the assets you wish (for music, it is described on the commentaries of each event sheet).

You can modify the game but you need to buy a license for Construct 2 or buy a plan for Construct 3 in case you need to export it.

NOTE: If you have any doubts I'm available to answer and help you. CAPX was saved in Construct 2 Release 265. The graphics and music used in the live preview game aren't included in the template!

Appreciated on April 25th, 2021

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