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Employee Work Management

An payroll application mostly work with attendance,leave,holiday feature.It can be use any kind of office,organization and many others on.More about 100 employees can manage an admin using this application.Very useful application,simple good looking user interface.


1. Attendance
2. Leave
3. Holidays

Employer Login:

1. Dashboard: when a employee login he/she found punch in button for start time counting. In here member activity part using date range anyone can check his attendance.
2. Edit info/Change password: anyone can change his information and change password.
3. Leave: user found that how many leave with category he/she have.Using apply for leave portion user can apply for leave selecting one or more date(using add more button),with leave category(pre defined from admin) and details.
4. My leave: menu user find his all leave which he applied,and user can found which leave are granted/pending/rejected with a nice table,search,pagination.

Admin Login:

1. Dashboard: admin can see who's are login today and how many are not.
2. Add User : admin can add and employee with ip protected(Only using this particular ip employee can login) facility.I think this is the most valuable feature.
3. Total user : admin can see individual,summery report.Can deactive/active an employee,update information and add/remove employee's ip.
4. Update info/Password change:admin can change password and information.
5. Create Holiday:admin can defined which day's are holiday for his/her company/organization.
6. All Holiday:Check,delete and update hoidays.
7. All Leave :Check all the leave with status which are applied by employee.Can take an action Granted/Delete/Rejected.
8. Leave Category:Admin create some leave category for employee with giving maximum day's on a month.

Demo Url:

Demo Information:

1. Admin login (id:test pass:test)
2. Employer login (id:pabel pass:123)

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