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Hello, I present the COURSEA Template, a modern web template that you will love. Inspired by course websites which is ideal if your goal is to create web pages related to this topic, although you can use it for any other purpose ..

This template has a striking "Landing Page" that will be useful to impress your customers , you can also host all your products in the "store section" , which has filters that will speed up searches of interest. We also know that communication with customers is important so in the "contact section" you have a stylized form , which you can accompany with some other information of interest and in case you want to have a more internet presence beyond your sales, the "blog section" will help you share any article of interest that you want. Both these and other pages you can find more in this article.
Therefore, we invite you to start your business with us.

Can I customize the web template?

If you can do it, thanks to our easy customization sheet , which through variables you can change the colors , fonts and much more. We also offer you the possibility to modify the components thanks to the Guiding comments which will help you in this task so that you can adjust your template a little more to your liking.

Can I request and store data?

Of course you can. Thanks to the AJAX API you can make requests in the server and with it you can enjoy the experience to handle data. What does this mean? Well, this template gives you the ability to easily save any information ; so with this enjoy a functional page. But this is not all, since you can also print components dynamically by means of simple attributes. Both functions were designed to be very easy to use.

What features does the web template offer?

  • 10 HTML web pages (Landing , Shop page , Contact , Blog , Article , Product , Login , Terms , About-us , Faq).
  • 73 CSS style sheets.
  • 58 Pictures.
  • +6000 Icons (Framework).
  • +2000 letter fonts (Framework)
  • 10 JavaScript files.
  • 04 JSON files.
  • 01 logo.
  • 06 favicons.
  • 07 Detailed documentation (Written in English and Spanish).
  • HTML bookmark validated by the W3C standard.
  • Responsive design (For Phones, Tablets and Pc).
  • Flat design colors.
  • Clean and modern design.
  • Commented HTML and CSS codes.
  • Search engine with web search engine.
  • Data request through AJAX.
  • Customizable pagination.
  • Filters.
  • Google maps
  • Animated Scroll
  • Search for terms and results.
  • Comment box.
  • Achievement counter.
  • Classification card
  • Animated Effects (Famework).
  • Carousel (Framework).
  • Accordion and Dropdown.
  • Cards (of Products, Testimonial, Sale, Feature)
  • Form (Contact, section start, among others)
  • Linker to share web pages on social networks.
  • Forms with error validator.
  • Component and data printing

And much more..!!

We hope you enjoy this article,
as much as enjoying creating it.

Appreciate This
Thank You!
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