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Corporate Business Card

Hi! Thanks a lot for downloading my Design, now complete the following simple task to
complete your design.

This file is very well organized. Follow the following instruction to make your required
changes. You can also change anything in the design if you wish, but these following steps
would be enough to change the necessary information for your desired product. You can
easily change texts, content, objects and color of the design. It's very easy:

1. First Download and Install the fonts.
    Font name: MONTSERRAT
    Download Link:
2. Open the files.
3. Change Your logo
    Double click on the Smart Object thumbnail in the 'Edit your logo' layer group.
    Replace the logo with yours.
4. Edit your information
    Double click on the text layer thumbnails from 'Edit Texts' layer group.
    Change the information.
5 Edit your  QR CODE
               Double click on the QR CODE Thumbnail from edit QR


Easy Customizable and Editable
Complete Vector Design
Print size: 3.5 inch × 2.0 inch(O.25" BLEED)
Resolution: 300 dpi
Color Mode: CMYK (8 bit)
2 color variation
Print Ready Forma
No image included
Application Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Lowest Supported version Photoshop CS6

Files included:

4 PSD Files
1 Information File
1 Help File


Always feel free to contact me via my profile for any help such as using the files or any kind of special customizaiton. If you have a moment please rate the design, I will appreciate it very much. ... Thank You!

Appreciate This
Thank You!

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