Business Cards

Black & Blue Business Card

About File

1) Organized layers in groups and labeled as accurate as possible
2) Vector shapes is used for lossless scaling
3) Only seamless(tileable) pattern and textures are used.

Groups Folder Content

1) Details - Text (name, phone, address & etc ), logo & QR code
2) Background - Graphics (vector shapes, icons, patterns & etc)

Color Change/Edit

1) Double click on any vector layers and fill your desired color.


Simply delete the placeholder image with your logo and save.
The smart object is located at the folder below:

Details > Logo > Logo (Layer)

Text (Name, Tagline & other contact details)

  • Editable contact info can be found within the 'Details' folder.
  • Each folder is labeled accordingly and self explanatory
  • Company & Logo (Company Name)
  • Name & Title (Name and Job title)
  • Contact Info ( Address, Phone, Email, Website & etc)

Fonts Used

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