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Annocon | Secret Messages and Anonymous Confessions

What is Annocon Secret Confessions?

Annoly Secret Confessions and Anonymous Messages is script designed by Jades Developers. It is an easy to install and highly customizable without needing any coding knowledge.

This script does not require any browser-specific plugins such as Flash or Java to run. It supports both old and new versions of browsers and it is mobile responsive.

Annocon is built on the most commonly used technologies like PHP and MySQL and Laravel framework. You do not need to worry about the server requirements to run Annocon as most of the shared servers are capable of running Annocon without

Any specific configurations. Annocon Secret Confessions and Messages is a powerful script that includes a wide range of features like anonymous Confessions, secret messages, powerful admin panel, avatars, user profiles, easy to customize,

Secret comments in confessions, and much more. Annocon is optimized for a mobile-first experience including iPad, iPad-pro, small screen laptop & large desktops.

Minimum Requirements

Most current web servers (Shared, Cloud, VPS & Dedicated) with PHP & MySQL installed will be capable of running Annocon Secret Confessions. You can check whether all requirements are met just by checking the below requirements. Incase any of

Requirements aren't met kindly contact the hosting provider or provide us the hosting panel login details.

These requirments can be easily enabled/disabled, even in shared hosting.

  • PHP 7.0+
  • Apache or NGINX or Lite Speed
  • mod_rewrite or NGINX rewrite rules
  • MySQL or MariaDB
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • cURL PHP Extension
  • SSL Certificate – (For security purposes )
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • MBString PHP Extension
  • GD PHP Extension
  • IMAP PHP Extension
  • Json PHP Extension
  • FileInfo PHP Extension
  • Zip PHP Extension

Do we provide installation services ?

Yes, we provide free installation service. We will need Codecanyon Purchase code & hosting login details so we can upload the files and install the product.

Once you have purchased Annocon , send us the details to


Annocon is the Best

Annocon is better than the popular anonymous feedback website because it allows you to create Confessions and also receive anonymous feedback from you friends .

Extra Responsive & Friendly UI

Annocon is a Fully responsive design, optimized for a mobile-first experience, including iPad, iPad-pro, small screen laptop & large desktops. We made Mobile responsive as our top priority because most of people make use of their smartphone

to access the internet.

Secret Confessions.

Users can post their secret Confessions on the site to receive comments and feedbacks from other users. Their identity is always safe and they don't need to worry about it.

Anonymous Messages and Feedbacks.

Users can receive anonymous messages by sharing their profile link with their friends and can also send messages to other users while remaining anonymous.

Reply Confessions Anonymously

Users can reply to Confessions posted on the site by sharing their views and also remaining anonymous.

Social Media Sharing

Users can easily share their profiles and confessions on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and can also copy it to share through emails or text.


You can easily share newsletters or periodical messages with all the members of the community.

Custom pages

Annocon includes fully customized custom pages like;

  • 404 page
  • About US
  • Contact us
  • Terms and conditions
  • Offline pages, etc

Multiple Logins

Keep users logged into your website securely on multiple devices

SSL Support

Protect your data and keep your connection secure by enabling SSL on your domain. It keeps your site away from malicious attacks.

Powerful Admin Panel

Admin have access to the whole website and can control everything. You can activate /deactivate confessions, comments, messages and users from the admin panel.

Customizable Homepage.

Admin can easily change the homepage design from the admin page and also change the default text on the homepage.

Reactions (like and dislike).

Users can react on the Confessions they like or dislike. The can like and dislike any Confessions.

Powerful Dashboard.

Users can access every messages, comments, reactions and confessions they made on the site and can decide to delete them.

& Lots more to Come.

You can easily start your anonymous feedback system without any coding knowledge by purchasing annocon. Annocon is equipped with security features that make hackers and spammers have no access to the site.


If you are experiencing any problem with installing annocon on your site, please go through the documentation included in the script or your can send us a mail to with

your codecanyon purchase code and hosting login details.

Demo/live preview login details...

Role: Admin
Email :
Password : 12345678

Role: User
Email :
Password : 12345678

Do you have any suggestions or questions?

We are here to help you in anyway out. Kindly send your complaints and suggestions to us through our email ID

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