10 Logo Graphic Styles #4

How to use graphic style:

Option 1 - Open the Ai and go to "Window > Graphic Styles"
    Select your logo, text and click on a style.
    Before you scale just go to " Edit > Preferences > General",
    check "Scale Strokes & Effects" (You can play with this)
Option 2 - Choose Window > Graphic Style Libraries > Other Library and open "10 Logo Graphic Styles"
    The graphic styles will appear in a new graphic style library panel.
    Select your logo, text and click on a style.

Font used:

ILLINOIS block -
Freshman -
Chell Chrome Bold -
Freshman -
Charlemagne Std Bold -
Copperplate Gothic Bold -
Brannboll Fet -
Bascula -
CenturyExpd BT Bold -
CopprplGoth Bd BT Bold -

Appreciated on August 4th, 2016

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