Virtual Social Shopping

Offer an immersive and engaging social shopping experience to boost sales!

With these simple and easy-to-use virtual shopping apps, customers can visualize your products before they purchase by using their webcam, mobile camera or upload a picture to overlay virtual products then take snapshots and share with friends on social media. It moves customer experience to the next level and empowers them to buy with confidence. Use on your website, facebook tab or in-store kiosk, it works on all devices and browsers.

Whats included

Virtual Art App - Allows visitors to visualize art in there room before they buy. Virtual Eyewear - Allows visitors to visualize there eyewear before they buy. Virtual Hairstyle - Allows visitors to visualize there hairstyle before they book. Virtual Tattoo - Allows visitors to visualize there tattoo before they book. Virtual Furniture - Allows visitors to visualize furniture in there room before they buy. Virtual T-Shirts - Allows visitors to visualize there t-shirt design before they buy.

The script is very simple yet very useful and allow you to create a virtual shopping experience to engage and convert more customers.


  • Buy links
  • Social sharing and download
  • Live camera or photo view
  • One or multiple product at once
  • Take snapshot with product in your environment
  • Work on Desktop, Tablet and Phone
  • Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, IE, Safari
  • Easy to install and use
  • Simple user interface
  • Native HTML5 and JavaScript
  • No server side required
  • PSD templates (to replace your images)
  • Hundreds of products mockups ready to use

NOTE: IE and Safari does not support live camera view.

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