PHP Scripts

Virtual Desktop Interface for Cloud Computing

This Virtual Desktop project  provides interactive User Interface, with Virtual Desktop Environment. So the users can virtually port their PC over the Internet. The users can manage their files with our file manager utility program. The users can develop their on web apps that can be run on our Cloud Server as apps. These apps can be shared through our App Store. The main idea of the Cloud Storage is to protect user’s files & data from getting accessed through unauthorised backend access by encrypted storage.



Admin have the full power to access the Server System. Admin is not part of the Cloud System but the owner of Cloud Server

Cloud Client

Cloud Clients have large data files to be stored and rely on the cloud for data maintenance and computation. They can be either individual consumers or commercial organizations. Client’s can manage their files in an Interactive way, and create a virtual PC through the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere over the internet. Client’s can use apps from the cloud app store that consists of other users apps. 

Cloud Manager

The Cloud Manager will monitor the user, and cloud servers in this system and he has the privileges to add or remove user. Cloud Servers virtualizes the resources according to the requirements of clients and expose them as storage pools. Typically, the cloud clients may buy or lease storage capacity from cloud servers, and store their individual data in these bought or rented spaces for future utilization. We provide an interactive protocol initialized at the cloud server for verifying that the client exactly owns a claimed file. This protocol is typically triggered along with file uploading protocol to prevent the leak-age of side channel information

Software Requirements

 Operating System ( Server Side ) : Windows 7 or greater. ( 64-bit recommended)

 Front End : PHP

 Back End : MySQL

 Web Server : WAMP / XAMPP

 Browser : Google Chrome / Firefox

Installation steps are included in the source file

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