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Ultimate POS - PHP Point of Sale Made Easy

This Ultimate POS is a PHP based point of sales solution for any super shop or stores.This Ultimate POS made easy the sales process keeping the sales records. Easy coding structure and Outlook made this system user friendly.

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Ultimate POS is a beautifully crafted Point Of Sale application. The application is packed with a ton of features like Point Of Sale, Invoicing, Quotations, Purchase Orders, Customer Management, Supplier management, Points management, Item Barcoding etc.

Let's have a look on Ultimate POS features.

Easy Installation

The Ultimate POS has easy application installation process so that any person can easily install this app.

Easy Items Management

The Ultimate POS has the easy item management process. Easy Item pricing and unit adding process

Damage Management

In this System, We have damage item management system. You can easily manage damage items here.

Supplier Information

All supplier information can be managed by this system. add/edit supplier, supplier payment, supplier due etc.

Customer Management

This application has wonderful customer management system. add/edit customer, add/edit customer type, customer payment etc.

Purchase Information

The Ultimate POS can manage all purchase information. add/edit purchase, purchase report and invoice report etc.

Item Sales Management

The Ultimate POS has easy item sales system where you can use you bar code system to make your selling more easy

Wonderful Reporting

We have wonderful reporting system in the Ultimate Pos. sales report, stock report, profit/loss report etc.

Point System

The Ultimate POS has wonderful point system in sales process where the customers can get point in their buying.

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