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Solitaire for Android

This is the Android version of the classic card game enjoyed by 100s of millions of people across the world. Solitaire, a.k.a. Patience or Klondike is an easy-to-play card game in which the player attempts to move all cards from the tableau and stock into their respective foundations. It's a particularly popular casual game among older audiences.

Complete game. Ready to publish to app stores with minor changes. Simply set your IDs, customized strings, and privacy policy.

  • Java Source Code
  • AdMob (Banner & Interstitial ads)
  • Sounds Included
  • Multiple Screen Sizes Supported
  • Rate & Share
  • Compact APK size
  • Amazon & Alternative App Store Compatible

Included Files:

  • Java, XML, and HTML Files
  • SVG Card and Game Assets
  • OGG Audio Clips
  • Java Documentation
  • Demo APK

Game Features:

  • Draw One or Three Cards
  • Maximum Redeals or Unlimited Redeals
  • Undo Last Move
  • Request Hints
  • Auto-Complete
  • Player Statistics
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