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Sitebuilder - Laravel Dragdrop Site Builder And CMS

SiteBuilder Laravel is an easy-to-use page builder and light CMS. Use the intuitive drag&drop builder to combine pre-designed blocks into rockin’ page and sites!

Try the live demo at  and see for yourself how easy it is to build awesome website!

SiteBuilder Laravel Features:

  • Easy to use drag & drop builder
  • 36 professionally designed blocks allowing you to start building sites and pages instantly
  • Extend SiteBuilder Lite by easily adding your own custom blocks
  • Edit images, links, styles and content
  • Export your sites including all assets like Javascript files, CSS files and images.
  • Publish your sites/page directly to a live server using FTP, allowing you to use SiteBuilder Laravel as a light CMS
  • Create user accounts for your users to access SiteBuilder Laravel
  • Users can access and maintain their own image library
  • Easy to use settings page to configure the application
  • Installer script for easy automatic installation
  • Everything combined in a beautifully designed interface!
  • Clear and concise documentation (read online here)
  • The front-end UI is built using commonjs modules for proper code structuring and to make it easier for developers to modify the UI
  • Back-end is built on Laravel 5
  • SiteBuilder Laravel requirements
  • A LAMP server (Linux/Unix + Apache + MySQL + PHP)
  • Apache web server with mod_rewrite, openssl, pdo, mbstring and tokenizer enabled
  • PHP 5.5 or newer
  • PHP MySQLi extension (regular MySQL might work but is not tested)
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