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Sintro - Breaks & Timeouts Manager

A simple and straightforward breaks & timeouts (time clock) management system, that allows you to monitor breaks and away time of your team.

Whether it's a small team or large company with different teams and accounts. Time management is a critical success factor in all industries and environments, especially those which heavily rely on KPIs -like call centers for instance to ensure efficient service delivery.

This generic standalone tool becomes handy when integrated timeout systems are not giving you enough room for customization. You can add unlimited number of teams and usergroups, and you can assign each team different timeout units, that will appear to them exclusively on their interface, and you can even specify max allowed breaks and a way minutes per day.

Special attention was given to security, and different anti abuse techniques were implemented. So for instance, a user cannot login from different browsers or devices simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • Secure login and user management system
  • Persistent tracking, so if a user browser is accidentally closed, nothing will be lost.
  • Everything is done through AJAX for smooth uninterrupted experience.
  • Ability to add unlimited number of users, teams, and usergroups.
  • Edit user details, and reassign to different teams and usergroups.
  • Specify allowed timeout units per team(15,30,45,etc.. minutes breaks, and away).
  • Max allowed minutes of breaks/away per day are configurable.
  • Admin dashboard with timeouts summary and live stats of each user.
  • Timeout reports can be generated and exported.
  • Different records can be exported to MS. Excel.
  • PDO MySQL queries.
  • No frameworks.
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