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Simple Login system

Simple php login, register and forgot pages including some features and techniques on user management with a responsive design. you can secure any page you want just by add a single line into it.

MySQL database (5.x)
PHP (5.4)

Administrator Details
Email :
Password : admin


  • All made with ajax (without refreshing the page on submiting forms)
  • Simple and secure PHP PDO, OOP script
  • MySQL database-driven, to hold user information
  • Secure user registration and login
  • Easy to implement with any new or current websites
  • Secure from common SQL Injection
  • Login register and forgot password pages
  • Edit your user name and email
  • Password reset
  • Interactive admin Dashboard showing connecting user and new users
  • Add edit and delete users from admin page
  • Built using Bootstrap
  • Server side form validation
  • Easy to implemet to any new or old php websites

File Structure

  • config.php/ (holds the MySQL database connection information)
  • class.php/ (the PHP class that makes the system)
  • bootstrap.css/ (styling from the free Bootstrap package)
  • bootstrap.js/ (javascript for the free Bootstrap package)
  • index.php/ (demo/example of login)
  • index.html/ (redirect to index.php)
  • jquery.js/ (free jquery library)
  • load.gif (image for loading icon)
  • login.php (php page for login)
  • loginjs.js (javascript file for login.php)
  • myjs.js (javascript file for index.php )
  • redirect.php (check login and redirect to other page if not)
  • users.sql (mysql data base must import into your database)
  • readme.html/ (documentation on usage)
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