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Shark Bulk SMS & SMS Voting System

The Shark Bulk SMS & SMS Voting System gives you a simple out of the box solution that you can easily use to send, schedule and manage bulk campaigns. It comes equiped with an inbuilt Voting system where you can configure your campaigns, candidates and view results in realtime.


You can access the demo system from

Administrator Module Credentials

Username: admin
Password: 123456

Client Module Credentials

Username: client
Password: 123456 Features

The system comes equipped with the following features among ohters

  • Client Management - From this function, you can add unlimited number of clients. You can manage them from this interface including update and delete.
  • Resellers Management - The system supports reselling of SMS. Once you create your primary clients, they can in turn create their own clients and manage them.
  • Multiple User Level Login - The system supports different levels of users. These are managed in form of roles. Users can only be able to access the permissions granted to their role.
  • 2-Factor Authentication(2FA) - To increase security, the system comes with 2FA feature. This means when enabled, the user will receive a code either through email or SMS which they must enter in order to proceed.
  • Schedule Bulk SMS - You can schedule BULK SMS to go out at any date, any time. This gives you the flexibility to send SMS in future at any time.
  • Send Single/Quick SMS - If you want to send a message quickly to upto 5 phone numbers, we have you covered. Just access the Quick SMS feature and send your message. It will go out immediately.
  • Schedule Recurring SMS - You can schedule recurring SMS through the system. This means you don't have to create the same message every time thus saving you alot of time.
  • Send/Schedule Birthday SMS - This feature enables you to send Birthday SMS to users. You can create a single message or upload from file. The message will go out on the birth date and on the scheduled time of the day.
  • Receive Incoming SMS/Inbox - The system supports 2-way SMS. This means apart from sending SMS, you can also receive SMS from users and you will see the messages on the portal.
  • Incoming SMS Keywords Routing - You can configure keywords on the inbox and map these to a client. Once a message comes in with these keywords, they will be routed to the clients account or system based on the configuration.
  • SMS Voting - You can effortlessly conduct SMS based voting out of the box. Configure your campaigns, candidates and you will be able to view results without any change to the system.
  • ShortCodes/ Longcodes Management - These are used for 2 way communication. They are used to receive incoming SMS and also create a conversation with the user.
  • SMS Templates Management - You do not have to type your messages everytime you are sending our SMS. Simply save your frequently sent messages into templates so that you can use them when sending SMS.
  • Sender ID Management - This provides a simple interface for managing your Sender IDs. You can add, update, delete or assign to a client.
  • Contacts/Phonebook Management - You dont have to uipload new contacts everytime you are send out an SMS. Just upload your contacts using CSV or Excel and save them into phonebooks. You can then select them when sending your sms.
  • Opt Out/ Blocked Numbers Management - Use this interface to see people who have opted not to receive SMS from you and also to add numbers to balcklist.
  • Filtered Keywords Management - This is used for moderation. If a message contains a prohibited work, the message will not go out. The feature is useful in preventing sending of harmful messages.
  • Email To SMS - Amazing! You can schedule SMS using your email. You dont have to login to the portal. Just type you numbers on the subject, message on the body and SEND! You message will be delivered as an SMS.
  • SMS To Email - With this system, you can configure to receive any SMS that comes to your account in your email. Its simple, just configure your email and we shall forward you the messages to your email.
  • Premium/Subscription Services Management - You can handle premium services on this system. Just configure your subscription details on the system and we shall handle the rest for you.
  • Supports Multiple International SMS Gateways - The system is equipped with a powerful mobile number validation for all countries in the world. Its also capable of formatting the numbers to international format.
  • Equipped With an Inbuilt SMS API - Your clients will be able to send messages via the system using the inbuilt API. Read the API documentation to learn more.
  • SMS Credits Management - You can manage the clients Credits accounts here. Allocate credits, see purchase history etc.
  • SMS Plans Management - This gives you the option to decide which client pays what. Just create SMS plans and define the rates.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways Support - Your clients can purchase credits through the configured payment gateways.
  • Low Credits Notifications - The system comes with an inbuilt low credits notifications engine. Based on the configuration, users can receive notifications on SMS or email when the configure threshold is reached.
  • Credits Usage History - At a glance, see how your clients are consuming their units.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways Support - Your clients can purchase credits through the configured payment gateways.
  • 15+ Default Languages Support - The system comes equipped with over 15 most popular languages. The super admin can however add as many languages as possible.
  • Networks Management - This module is used manage networks and coverage. The networks are used to configure short codes.
  • Support Tickets Management - The system has an inbuilt support system. Customers can create tickets and the admin can be able to respond to those tickets raised.
  • FAQ Page Management - This provides an interface to manage Frequently Asked Questions. The FAQ page is usually displayed on the clients side.
  • User Roles & Permissions Management - You can add as many users as possible. You can also organize the users into roles which you can assign specific permissions to them.
  • Detailed Reporting Interface - From here you access all the system reports. From the clients you have, the messages sent through the system and the revenue you have collected.
  • Currencies Management - Manage the currencies supported by your system here. The currency is used by your clients to purchase credits.
  • System Templates - System Administrator can manage system templates like 2-FA, User registration, Reset Password etc.

SMS Gateways

  • Plivo
  • Text Local
  • SMS Global
  • Nexmo
  • Twilio
  • Clickatel
  • ClickSend
  • Infobib
  • AfricasTalking
  • Kannel

NB Any other gateway can be integrated easily Protocols Supported

  • SMPP
  • REST

Payment Gateways

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • PesaPal

NB Any other gateway can be integrated easily Any questions? Talk to me via email

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