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MyCRM - PHP Laravel Mysql CRM Web Application (include API web service)

MyCRM is a simple web based application to maintain Your customer data. Working together with Your friends or partner now will be easier.

You can maintain business together and tracking every case and issue according to Your business in one place. You can sharing document, sharing idea, decide contract together, assign someone to solving case and more.

Tracking and maintaining business will be more easier now. Very suitable for company, professional business, small business also good for web developer references.


1. Home or Dashboard.
Simple dashboard where You can find summary about Your business. Beautiful graph and chart will help You to get information about Your business in a minutes.

2. Lead module.
Store all Your contact, company and PIC in one place. Store all Your follow up list potential customer in here.

3. Account module.
Module to store all Your customer, vendor and/or company partner. All about customer company profile is here.

4. Contact module.
Module to store all Your contact person or PIC. Your customer PIC is here.

5. Contract module.
Store all Your contract in here. Making or deny contract here. You can check Your active or expired contract here.

6. Opportunity module.
Module to store all Your business data. Working and maintaining Your business with Your friends here. You can sharing document, leave a comment and many more.

7. Task module.
Module to raise ticket or issue according to Your business in opportunity. Assign someone to fix issue or case on Your business/opportunity.

8. Report module.
Reporting module, You can export all Your data into excel. Export all Your lead, account, contact, contract, opportunity, task data into excel.

9. User module.
Module to create and setting all user.

10. Role module.
Create Your own flexible user access rights on each user. Readonly or full access, some specific module or all module? You choose.

11. Responsive design.
Friendly user experience using phone.

DEMO URL / Access Link:

Password: 12345678

Feel free to contact us at :

1. Update new version 2.1.0 (bugs fix & include API web service)

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