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Mind Reader with Admob (Android Studio Project)

The Mind Reader App is a social game enabling your to guess the words your visitors have in mind. Guess what your visitors are thinking about, and make an impression on them ! when it will show the result. if user connect to the internet it will show the admob ad first.


Demo: Try it out here


  • Small and easy to use.
  • Ability to customize the keywords and images. just take a image and peast it in drawable folder to edit there name like. image1, image2 and you can also edit it on the picture_activity class.
  • No database required, the keywords are stored in a text file.
  • Very clean interface.

How the game works

You need to choose a number between 10 and 99. Let’s say you’ve chosen the number 35. Then in the next step you are asked to subtract the sum of the 2 digits number, from the original number. With the number 35, since the sum of the 2 digits is 8, your new number is 27 (35-8). Very easy isn’t it. Remember that number, and find the case corresponding to it in the random table presented to you. Remember carefully that keyword. Press the “Start Reading Mind” button, and let’s see if we guess correctly your answer… Like any magic game.

Thank you for here. Have a nice day.

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