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MessengerR - a fast messaging App for text/video chats

MessengerR has all capabilities to give a competition with our existing world-famous chat applications...In messengerR, We can send/receive text/image messages with individual one-oneĀ  Push notifications, as well as VideoCalls with proper incoming/outgoing notifications-ringtones and we can Unsend our text/image messages from the conversation anytime whenever we want.

We can hide our conversations also. Here you will see the online/offline feature with the user's Last Seen Time. The user online/offline feature is working so fast than ever. There is a user profile section where you can upload a profile picture and cover photo of your own and set social links of yours. In the Inbox section, there are features of seen/unseen of txt/image messages, full-Screen Image of send/receive images as well as the user's active or Last Seen Time. You can Unsend a message from here. You can go to the profile section from here and request a Video call from the profile to the user. There is a Search section for searching registered users on the network.

The conversation-inbox is so user friendly to use and As the text/image chatting section is built with firebase Realtime-database that you can use messengerR for your Office/Home/Family/Friends/AnyBody-Any group that you want.

You can expand your network as large as you want. The network area is defined by you...The Video Calling System is Made with Javascript Library based on webRTC technology. Using a Javascript interface file with our Android files users registered on your network can able to Videocall each other. Only those registered users can text/Video call each other who are using your app with your network. You can use messengerR WorldWide with your Network.

For world-wide video calling from different wifi-networks or data networks, we use STUN/TURN servers in messengerR video calling system, where all types of STUN servers are added, And for your fast communication we added some TURN servers. You can also add some Turn Servers if you want but if u don't, don't worry our TURN servers can handle everything for your messenger app.

World wide call/video call is possible with the app if the users registered on your network.

You can create this network easily with the help of a Firebase Real-Time Database just.

Building a network easily for you, app network is built with the help of that Realtime-Database.

You just have to create an account on with your Gmail account and create a project and then add your app to that project. That's it. Your own Network starts with your app. Those who will register in your app automatically enter your network and can be messaging/chatting(text/video call) each other.


  1. SplashScreen - appears every time while the program is launching.
  2. Well Documented sophisticated Codes (Easily Understandable)
  3. Sophisticated UI/UX
  4. Welcome/Landing Page with brand logo
  5. Sophisticated Log in/Register Pages
  6. Log in/Register with Email & Password with Password Visibility Toggle Feature
  7. Forgot Password Feature. Send a Link to the Registered Email Address for Retrieving Passwords from that link.
  8. Firebase Cloud Push Notifications with FCM services
  9. Push Notification Service starts with login. When Anyone on the network texts you Push Notification appears on the top even the app kills or stop until you log out from the device-application
  10. Incoming Call Service starts with login. Anyone on the network can call you until you log out from the device-application
  11. The Application will be remained Logged in until you log out from the device. If the application kills/stops, it will be remained Logged in, and Incoming call-ringtones / Push Notifications will show as usual until log out from the device-application.
  12. Firebase Real-Time Database for instant messaging
  13. All text/image messages on the network are stored on the Database with Firebase High Security
  14. Chat with Friends/Users on the Network with sent/received time stored in Database
  15. Feature of Seen/Sent Messages in a Conversation-Inbox Section
  16. Send both image/text messages as well as video call/call request for video chat
  17. Full-Screen Image view of sent/received images inside individual conversations
  18. User Profile
  19. Upload Profile photo and Cover photo in your Profile
  20. Set other Social Links in your profile
  21. Request/Receive Video Calls and fast Video chat with friends
  22. Firebase backend Servers
  23. Email Authentication
  24. Show Available/Registered users on the Network on 2nd Tab
  25. Visit Other Users profile and their Links and see their uploaded cover/profile Photos
  26. Online/Offline features
  27. Last Seen Time of other users is shown on the inbox
  28. Change Password by Forgetting Password Service
  29. One-to-one fast Chat System with High Security and best UI
  30. Image Sharing from Gallery
  31. Delete/Unsend Messages
  32. Chat List on Home Page
  33. App Icon
  34. Live Search on Search Bar
  35. Date & Time Feature
  36. Infinite scroll on Chat Lists and Conversations
  37. Google Analytics
  38. For world-wide Video chats, Turn/Stun Servers are added
  39. Create a Network based on Real-Time Database
  40. Javascript Interface uses
  41. Javascript Library
  42. Fastest webRTC Technology
  43. Incoming/Outgoing call Interface
  44. Logout from the device

Codes are written in Kotlin, Java, JavaScript, XML files

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