jQuery YouTube Tile plugin

jQuery Youtube Tile plugin.

Implement Youtube Tile videos on your website or webpage with full source code in HTML5, Javascript and CSS3.

You can arrange Youtube videos by percentage size.

You can play Youtube videos simultaneously.

You can load file videos hosted on your web server (MPG4, OGG, WebM) .

Note: You also have the option to load image files or animated gifs .


Implementation Example:



var dataset = [
{title: '',value: 10,video: ""},
{title: '',value: 10,video: ""},
{title: '',value: 25,video: ""},
{title: '',value: 25,video: ""},
{title: '',value: 10,video: ""},
{title: '',value: 10,video: ""}

var options = {
     VideoTileTitle: "YouTube Video Tile",
     leafmargin: 1,
     CenterBranchTitleVertically: false

$(document).ready(function () {
     $('#VideoTile1').videotile(dataset, options);

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