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Funszones Social Networking Php Script

Funszones Social networking wcript is a Social messaging and chating php scriot which comes withe many awesome Advance features like. 1. Newsfeed Features: Which allow users to post feed in their own prodile or on friends profile. 2. Messaging Systen: It allow the users to send messages to each other. 3. Like and commenting System: This feature allow users to Like and Cimment on friends feed (vuilt with Iframe). 4. Friends Request system: this all users to send druend request 5. Special PC and Mobile: Thus script design a seooeratly pc view and seprate mobile view which both connect to the same database. 6. Aminstration Panel and more.... 7. Chatroom system is also included. How to install? This is easy check the Documentation folder.

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Appreciated on August 13th, 2018

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