CSS3 Sliders Bundle

This is the Ultimate CSS3 Sliders Bundle, exclusively on CodeGrape!

Main Features:

  • The same input type "range" in all sliders -This means that you can change the sliders anytime you want by just switching the CSS and jQuery files.
  • No canvas = No images ? NO! -12 of this 15 sliders are made in pure CSS, and only 2 of them are using images, but are also backed up with JavaScript.
  • Cross browser supported -All sliders are tested & proven working in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and IE.

Sliders included:


Our goal is to make a Bundle of 50 pure CSS3 sliders.

For now it has only 15 sliders so that's why the price is $15 ($1 per slider).

Soon we will add even more sliders and the price will go up depending on the number of the sliders.

All updates (sliders to be added in the future) will be free to all previous buyers.

So go ahead and grab your copy of the Ultimate CSS3 Sliders Bundle and save a few bucks.

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