Crypton - Cryptocurrency Exchange

Crypton is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange supporting multiple currencies. Its similar to local bitcoins but more advanced with additional features added out of the box. The goal of crypton is to provide and enable low startup costs to kickstart your online business.

Crypton is built with NodeJS and the famous Adonis framework which provides robust features. As crypton is built with simplicity no paid dependencies have been used to enable you to start your business with low maintenance costs. This product works like localbitcoins,except its supports four crypto currencies.

What's included:

  1. Email verification
  2. Admin panel with some features
  3. Light and dark mode
  4. 4 crypto currencies

What's planned to be included in future releases:

  1. 1. SMS integration
  2. 2. Webrtc
  3. 3. More coins
  4. 4. More admin features
  5. 5. Many more....

Design Details
Crypton is built with bootstrap and is fully responsive. It supports both light and dark theme and users can change the theme at any time. The user interface is good and very appealing.

Logical View
For the backend Crypton is built with NodeJS and the Adonis framework which uses an mvc pattern similar to Laravel in ph. Crypton also uses some third party npm modules which need to be installed for full functionality of the script

Crypton uses postgresql by default. Due to Adonis framework simplicity adding database tables is very easy by running migrations and simplicity. Crypton can support other sql databases like mysql with some few modifications.

Appreciated on May 8th, 2023
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