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Bulk Whatsapp Sender - PHP Plugin

Send or schedule bulk WhatsApp messages via your browser. Use on Windows, MAC or LINUX!

This is a PHP application based on Whatsapp Web, it allows sending or scheduling bulk WhatsApp messages and campaign to unlimited numbers, all that you have to do to is paste in your contacts, enter the message, choose your date and schedule or click send. Your supported browser will open WhatsApp web and your campaign will start. Now sit back and relax while the tool does the hard work of sending multiple messages.

An ultimate WhatsApp Messaging solution with a wide collection of option and services gives you more flexibility when sending your campaigns.

These solutions allow you to send or schedule WhatsApp Campaigns in a very simple way, convert numbers into proper WhatsApp format, adds name shortcodes to personalize messages, skip accounts not on WhatsApp and view message reports. You can integrate this PHP script into your own current CMS platform or add a login system and generate secure passwords to provide paid access to clients.

In addition, Bulk WhatsApp Sender PHP plugin provides an anti-blocking and invalid-number skipping technique which reduces the chance of getting banned and keeps WhatsApp account safe. Its a turn key scalable solution provided with full source code which gives you the freedom during customization.

Buyers will get a bonus tool: WhatsApp contact cleaner for free.

The plugin is very simple yet very useful and allow you to send or schedule to WhatsApp over the web without installing any desktop software. So if your at work, abroad or not using your own computer and have Windows, MAC or Linux, you can access it from anywhere with a browser.


  • Complete solution
  • New smooth way of sending
  • Full source code
  • Easy to customize even if not a developer
  • Sending unlimited messages
  • Send multi-multimedia message (Photos, Videos)
  • Anti block module
  • Multi text message (reduce chance of blocking)
  • Advanced internal dialogs (reduce chance of blocking)
  • Delay between message
  • Sending customized message with name
  • Sending reports


  • Whatsapp Contact Cleaner - Convert numbers into proper WhatsApp format (supports over 200 country codes)


  • Chrome, Firefox Browser or Internet Explorer
  • Imacos free extension installed

What you will get when you buy this item

  • Bulk Whatsapp Bulk Sender application PHP plugin
  • Full source code

Before you buy

  • This is a PHP application, so you need a web server to upload files
  • This tool allows you to communicate with recipients that expect receive your messages (Eg. clients, students, patients etc..), and it’s NOT A SPAM TOOL, so I am not responsible if you get blocked or banned
  • This plugin requires free imacros chrome extension snd WhatsApp web to work
  • This application provided with full source code, and if you want modify you must have minimum php skills
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Appreciated on March 23rd, 2019

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