Bootstrap Material Design Special Skin

Bootstrap Material Design Special Red is the template for the admin panel that created the default red. All components in it have a red dominant.

You can still use a color other than red by adding a new class. but if not using the class. then the default component is red.

This template support with some vendors / plugins among others.

1. animate-css
2. autosize
3. bootstrap
4. bootstrap-colorpicker
5. bootstrap-material-datetimepicker
6. bootstrap-notify
7. bootstrap-select
8. bootstrap-tagsinput
9. chartjs
10. selected
11. cceditor
12. dropzone
13. editable-table
14. flot-charts
15. font-awesome
16. gmaps
17. ion-rangeslider
18. jquery
19. jquery-cookie
20. jquery-countto
21. jquery-datatable
22. jquery-inputmask
23. jquery-knob
24. jquery-slimscroll
25. jquery-sparkline
26. jquery-spinner
27. jquery-steps
28. jquery-validation
29. jvectormap
30. light-gallery
31. material-design-iconic-font
32. materialize-css
33. momentjs
34. morrisjs
35. multi-select
36. nestable
37. node-waves
38. nouislider
39. raphael
40. sweetalert
41. tinymce
42. waitme

Create Responsive Projects With Materials / Templates With Interesting Designs and Warrants. we provide a variety of colors you can choose several color choices. we provide convenience to you with class standards according to your color choice. suppose you like them red. then all components will be red (default) without any help of such class. 

.btn (default red color) ... if you want to change it still you can just choose a color like the theme bootstrap btn-primary .. if you want to use the color of our material. then use class back-red Or back-1 

The admin templates we provide. we provide 18 color . choices Plus 6 Special Colors With Our Best 24 Color Choices 

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