This is a simple ASP.NET web that allows you manage (Create, Read, Update and delete) data user, for example : Name, Status (Active/Inactive), DOB, gender and Address. I’ve added some forms and features :

  1. Form Login. I’ve added textbox email and password to verification you as a administrator.
  2. Form Dashboard. In form dashboard you can see data user in table, I’ve added feature download option who filter data user by range of date, status user and also i’ve added feature download file as CSV, Excel, PDF and word. In the row table, I’ve added button detail or button delete option. In form dashboard, You also can see total all data users, total adding data users today, total data users active and total data users inactive.
  3. Form Detail. In form Detail you can change data user after you click button detail in table dashboard. it will direct to Form Detail.

Form dashboard and detail can be opened after you’ve logged in Form login. Before you install it, make sure that your PC/Laptop has installed :

  1. Visual studio 2015 (or higher)
  2. SQL server 2012
  3. .NET framework 4.5.2
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Appreciated on October 19th, 2018

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