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Ajax PHP Contact Form

Ajax PHP Contact Form is a jQuery Ajax based with PHP validated Contact form. You can easily integrate it to your existing html or php web page just by including all its files into it.



  • Simple and secure PHP script
  • Using jquery for ajax response
  • The form styled using bootstrap
  • responsive design
  • All fields have a validation script 
  • animated alert message for success and fail
  • Easy to integrate into any existing PHP page on your website
  • Easy to modified and change the script to meet your requirements


for help you can send to me at any time via email or facebook


File Structure

  • index.html     ----- html contact form and jquery codes
  • bootstrap.js   ----- bootstrap javascript library
  • bootstrap.css  ----- bootstrap styl sheet library
  • jquery.js/     ----- jquery library
  • send.php/      ----- php send emails class
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