A few questions for @flashblue


I have an off topic questions for @flashblue

1. I would like to be active on codegrape and help you anway I can, do you need moderators, translation etc. ?

2. Do you accept "website-clones", and which category should they be uploaded?
For instance, I just finished JS Playground (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=946564912034653&set=a.157223350968817.32344.100000434607158&type=1&theater) an look-alike clone of https://jsfiddle.net/ .

3. Do you plan on hosting a meet-up of CodeGrapers jus like envato does? (in the future ofc)

Thats it for now, thank you. :) 8) (y)

8 years ago
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